About Us

About Spero Foundation

Education has proven, globally, to be a great leveler in society. In Ghana, education has lifted more out of poverty than all the nation’s vast natural resources put together. Alas, there are still many young and extremely brilliant children of school-going-age on the African continent, and in Ghana, who simply do not have the means to go to school, despite the often touted “free education for all policy” by our governments. It is to give hope to some of these brilliant-but-needy children that Spero Foundation (the “Foundation”) was set up.

Spero Foundation has as its main objective to assist in paying for tuition - and other ancillary costs - for brilliant-but-needy young people of school going age (mainly between the ages of 10yrs and 25yrs), who wish to get quality education.   

The Foundation was born out of a longtime dream of its founder to impact society positively, through action.  Though the desire to start an organization to uplift the needy and poor in society had been a longtime dream, the founder had an epiphany on the morning of Saturday March 16, 2019 during a work-out session at the gym. This sudden realization followed a sermon preached at the funeral of a late relative earlier in March of 2019. The theme for the sermon was based on Psalm 90:12: “So teach us to number our days; that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. Though Psalm 90:12 was hardly new, the sermon on that day was revealing to him in ways not experienced before. Upon reflecting on the message, Simon K. A. Ayivi admits he recognized the brevity of our time here on earth. That every additional minute here on earth is a gift, which is anything but guaranteed, became much clearer to him. A commitment to God to start this Foundation and make an initial donation - as soon as he had the means - was made. The Foundation was registered in June of 2019, to the Glory of God.

Simon understands what difference access to quality formal education makes in life. He appreciates that one cannot have access to quality education with no financial support; be it from parents, other relatives and friends or through scholarship. Like many Ghanaians, Simon did not come from wealth or even the so-called economic middle-class. Unlike many of his contemporaries, however, he had access to quality education, through the sacrifices of his poor mother and her relatives. It is this access to quality education that has made the difference between Simon and his contemporaries he started out with.

Simon is eternally grateful to his mother and all other relatives who contributed financially to give him formal education and a chance in life. It is Simon’s firm belief that given a similar chance, most brilliant-but-needy kids will have a fair shot at succeeding in life.

At Spero Foundation, we believe that inability to pay for quality education does not have to be barrier for too many people. The word “Spero” is an Italian surname from the Campania region of Italy meaning “I Hope”.  Spero is part of a Latin proverb: Dum Spiro Spero” (translating “While I Breathe, I Hope”); our motto.

Spero Foundation is here to bring hope to some of the needy in our society. It is our prayer that the object of this Foundation is achieved.